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Mastiff Dogs - Dedicated to the Mastiff dog from breeders to owners to those who fancy these big dogs.

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Mastiff Dogs

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Dedicated to the Mastiff dog from breeders to owners to those who fancy these big dogs.

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Why should you buy from a Breeder? - 01/16/2013

Somewhere under this mess is a dog that was one of over 50 dogs rescued 1/14/2013 during the raid of an Amish puppy mill breeder. THIS is what you support when you purchase from a puppy mill breeder or a retailer that purchases the dogs they sell from a puppy mill. These dogs live their lives in small pens or cages--often no bigger than what is necessary to keep the dog.  They are bred, whelp their puppies unassisted, raise their puppies unassisted, and when their puppies are old enough to eat solid food (or they are sold)--they are taken away and the mother is once again re-bred.  No love, no human companionship, no baths or brushing, only essential vet care at best, and when the adult dogs are no longer productive--they are hauled off to a USDA auction and sold--or put down. There is no health testing-dogs with health issues are not eliminated from the breeding process.. No careful planning of pedigrees--dogs are bred on connivance--what is there is what gets bred; often litter mates are bred together. There is no careful evaluation as to the quality of the dog--a breed standard is never even a factor in the evaluation of a dog's breeding status.  If it has "papers"--then it's bred. Let's talk about those"papers"--several pet registries exist sole for commmerical breeder to use to "register" their dogs at a minimal cost. These registration papers are simply worthless.  If you ask for a "pedigree"--you will see that generation after generation is dogs wi...

Why should you buy from a Breeder?

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