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Mastiff Dogs - Dedicated to the Mastiff dog from breeders to owners to those who fancy these big dogs.

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Mastiff Dogs

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Dedicated to the Mastiff dog from breeders to owners to those who fancy these big dogs.

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Why am I a breeder? - 01/16/2013
I was recently asked why did I begin breeding Mastiffs.  The story is simple.  Like many others, I met and owned a Mastiff that taught me the value of this breed.  He stole my family and my hearts, gave us unconditional love and devotion, and was the most intelligent dog I have ever met. I felt this was a breed worthy of my time, money,and devotion.  That was almost 30 years ago. Mastiffs are not an easy dog breed to own and raise.  The size and cost of just feeding can be too much for some owners.  Rescue is full of Mastiffs whom their owners could not provide for them.  Veterinary care is expensive--big dog equal big bills. Proper socialization  and training takes time and owner involvement; without this "sweat equity" by the owner you end up with a rather large, uncouth, untrained dog that may develop behavior problems--and once again, rescue takes up the slack. Mastiff Breeders often invest large amounts of money and time into raising,  health testing, showing, and training  a dog before it is ever bred.  Some OFA exams can't be done until a dog is 2 years old.  Some genetic disorders  don't manifest until Mastiffs are older than 2-3 years of age (Cystinuria and epilepsy).  Often a prudent breeder will wait until 3-4 years of age before doing the first breeding, and it may be the only breeding done with that female.  In my experience, the average cost of health testing can run between $1500.00 and ...

Why am I a breeder?

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