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Mastiff Dogs - Dedicated to the Mastiff dog from breeders to owners to those who fancy these big dogs.

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Mastiff Dogs

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Dedicated to the Mastiff dog from breeders to owners to those who fancy these big dogs.

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Preventing Dog Bites - 06/24/2013

   It seems that  almost weekly the news contains a story relating to a dog bite or mauling. When one begins to examine the situation or cause; sadly it may have been avoided.  Each year in the U.S. alone, an estimated 5 million people--nearly 2% of the population--are bitten by dogs. About 800,000 of these people require medical attention as the result of the bite or attack, and about 15-20 die from their injuries. These numbers, however, while alarming, are not particularly shocking, given that there are an estimated 65 million dogs in the U.S. What may be more surprising is that most dog bites are preventable if owners train and care for their dogs properly and if potential bite victims--that is to say, nearly all of us--know how to behave around dogs.  Even a good dog can bite. Here are 11 suggestions for avoiding dog bites: 1 Keep your distance from dogs you don't know . Some dogs are so cute it's almost impossible to resist petting them. Think twice before you try to make friends with an unfamiliar dog, because some dogs simply aren't very friendly, and many otherwise pleasant dogs may be skittish around strangers. Never try to pet an unfamiliar dog that's behind a fence, tied up, or in a car. Dogs can be very protective of their territory, and if you enter their space you're just asking to be bitten. Avoid loose dogs. If you're walking and you see an unfenced, untied dog up ahead, try to avoid it. Cross the street or go around the block. Stay ...

Preventing Dog Bites

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