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World of Gardening - Gardening is growing as a national passion, particularly with people wanting to eat organically grown produce. Other gar

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World of Gardening

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Gardening is growing as a national passion, particularly with people wanting to eat organically grown produce. Other gardeners focus on collecting a certain plant species or plant family such as primroses, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, or even miniature shrubs. This Wide World of Gardening's members have websites providing information on every aspect of gardening. Some emphasize plant species and cultivation information. Others focus on a specific garden type such as butterflies, water gardens, rain gardens, or even miniature bogs. This World of Gardening webring has something for every gardener including those with decades of experience and those who are just learning.



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August 13 - 08/11/2013
2006 2007 2006 Gardening in the High Desert Bloom/Harvest Something is eating my lovely pepper Basil blooming nicely Tom blooming, bust still no fruit Harvested one small Ziploc of regular sweet basil and one of the giant, curly leafed one Beans blooming, but only one very slender one out yet 2007 Gardening in the High Desert Bloom/Harvest Veg Bed #1 Green toms - only 2, I think MG has 2nd real leaf Other 2 vining things reaching for the sun - about 2" tall Veg Bed #2 Alaskan Fancy - 10+ green tomes, some have turned that pre-ripening light white green Tom that I thought was a yellow pear has decidedly round fruit forming Stunted sun flower blooming under Marigold and Cosmos Buds ready to open on Marigold Many tiny wax beans 2 Cukes growing strong Veg Bed #3 Black eye peas - more nearing harvest; only a few blooms now 2 two little yellow squash and 1 zuke ripening 2 sunflowers blooming - took pictures - they are about 3 ft tall with 4 inch blooms - need to find out how long it took from seeding to flower. 2 months from seed to bloom 10+ green toms of various kinds Lemon basil ready to shear back again Regular basil ready for another harvest Flower basils are pretty much done I usually plant some basils in strategic places around the garden and let them bloom - they attract enormous amounts of pollinators - and in the desert, we need to bring in as many as we can find Journal watered orchard & veg beds Took lots...

August 13

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