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Hippie Ring - Webring of sites by hippies, about hippies or of hippie related interest.    

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Hippie Ring

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Webring of sites by hippies, about hippies or of hippie related interest.




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   Legally High - Altered States Without Drugs Preview Go
Trance, rapture & psychospiritual exploration without drugs; a guide to safe & legal highs for enhanced creativity, deeper relationships, access to Universal Consciousness or just for fun :-) Home of the Altered States of Consciousness webring.
   Drumming Circles & Hand Drums Preview Go
Introduction to drumming with djembes, doumbeks, bongos, congas & tambourines & other frame drums. Group drumming energizes the body, clears the mind, soothes the soul & can help you connect with the coolest people in the best possible way. You'll also find pictures & descriptions of popular drums plus links to instructional videos, inspirational CDs & books on hand dru
   Grateful Dead News Blog Preview Go
A blog that reprints current news articles about the Grateful Dead from all over the net.

   Rainbow Prism Atomic Lightshow - Liquid Lightshow Preview Go
"The Rainbow Prism is one candy flip'n psychedelic lightshow!" - "The melting liquid walls, mind pounding visuals, fantastic crystal projections, and strobing, morphing, kaleidoscopic rainbow colors will blow your mind!" - "These guys are sick!!!" - 400 plus images, video, patents, tutorials, secrets, products, 'n cool stuff!
   70s invasion Preview Go
Travel journal remembering those heady, hash filled days when thousands of young people took off from Europe and traveled across Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to reach India and Nepal. This was at a time when there were no ATMs, no Visa cards, no mobile phones and no Internet. A must-read for all you 21st century backpackers.
   Judy Sall Originals Tie-dye store Preview Go
Colorful, affordable tie-dye clothing for the whole family! They say it's coming back... I say it never left!
   Green Tortoise Fans and Alternatives Preview Go
Two completely unofficial groups: One for those wanting to get to Burning Man on the Green Tortoise and another for those wanting to get there by other means. Burning Man is a festival of the arts held in the Black Rock Desert of Northern Nevada around Labor Day, each year, in which a temporary city of 40,000 is built in the desert. The Green Tortoise is the "famous hippy busine" from the 1960s, sort of a commune on wheels.
   Travel to Burning Man Preview Go
Share your stories about your experiences on the way to Burning Man or some other burn. Includes a special section for those who'd like to make connections prior to their next trip on the famous "hippy busline" - yes, that Green Tortoise, still going ever since the 60s.
   The Beauregarde Affair Preview Go
A website showcasing The Beauregarde Affair, a comic novel about hipster life in 70ís Atlanta.

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