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Theory and Insight - This is it. . . your place to innovate! Are you intelligent with something new up your sleeve? We'd love to see it!

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Theory and Insight

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Manager: theodora_maffat
This is it. . . your place to innovate! Are you intelligent with something new up your sleeve? We'd love to see it!

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   Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace Preview Go
Here you can read my articles on a wide variety of subjects, including physics.
   The Big Shrink Preview Go
By assuming that the Universe is not expanding, but that everything within it, including the fabric of space, is contracting, I come up with some interesting possibilities in regards to unifying the laws of physics.
   Seven Steps to Trtuth of Nature - Grand Unification Preview Go
The truth of nature, the Quantum reality, its unity and cyclic existence is understood from a new foundation to science that explains everything sensibly and brings about the Grand Unification of all Knowledge systems

   Picotechnology Preview Go
It is a site of a wistful nature, exploring the potentiality of the smallest of the small: the pico realm. This is the level of single atoms quarks and quantum effects.
   Rena Writes Fractals and Other Fascinating Things Preview Go
This is the place where i publish beautiful fractals and other interesting things. We are all about love, the giving and the taking of it; it is who we are. This has led me to be very interested in group energy work; and the wonders that are all around us. The fractals on these pages are like that, they are a concept, something you can't reach out and touch but you can see them...Interests are: Philosophy spirituality, energy work, psychology, the leading edge of science, fractals, consciousness, and even questions like do we create our own reality? How do we create our beliefs?
   Fine Structure Constant, alpha Preview Go
Solution to a 20th century mystery. Feynman's conjecture of a relation between alpha, the fine structure constant, and pi. The formula for alpha and some of its consequences.
   Universal Relativity Preview Go
Theory of Everything. Shrinking Theory of the universe and Universal Relativity. The consequences of the relativity of the speed of light and the relativity of : speed, distance, size, mass, time, etc. Putting Einstein's theories back into question.
   The Relative Histories Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Preview Go
The RHF is a novel formulation of quantum mechanics (QM) that offers a constellation of interpretational advantages not apparent in any other existing formulation or interpretation of QM.
   A New Physics for a New Millennium Preview Go
Origin of mass based on Einstein's ideas and its relation with Energy. The forces of Nature. Definition and measurement of nuclear forces. The elemental act of radiation. Relativity. Neutrinos, what they are and their mass.
   Relativity Illuminated Preview Go
Formulated to cut right through the haze, here Einstein's Theory of Relativity is revealed to net satisfaction on a single page, in plain language, without math. The essay especially illuminates how The Universe would be reductio ad absurdum without relativity. A 14-page treatise on the subject is also made available, sporting a few diagrams but no formulas, no math to speak of.

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