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The Celtic Knot WebRing - This ring is for sites that contain primarily Irish or Celtic content.

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The Celtic Knot WebRing

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Manager: bluepossum
This ring is for sites that contain primarily Irish or Celtic content.


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Oscail an Dorus
My page is an in-depth look at Irish dance, lots of it is aimed at helping other dancers, and some is just plain fun.
Paganus Keltica
Celtic Neo-Paganism: online Grimoire, links to important pagan sites, and an Illinois (east central) section..
Eireann - Variet'Chouchen
Eireann est un groupe de 8 jeunes musiciens qui distille en région nantaise son mélange de chanson française et de musique irlandaise : la Variet'Chouchen
The UnCoven of the Solitaries
This is a semi-private group for self-described solitaries, their friends and/or significant others, run by Persephone Yavanna the Entwife and based in the New York City greater metropolitan area. Site has the CyberTemple plus free pagan downloads, greeting cards, readings, chat, astrology and much more!
Boudicca's Page
The true story of Boudicca (also known as Boadicea). She was queen of the Iceni, an East Anglia Celtic tribe, in the first century A.D. She was also a druidress, according to

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The Celtic Knot WebRing

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