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The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring - The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring. Poetry, poets, poems, poem, poet, writing, write, teenagers, gothic, teens, books

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The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring. Poetry, poets, poems, poem, poet, writing, write, teenagers, gothic, teens, books, novels, creative, culture, groups, women, romantic, love, genres, humanities, art, published, unpublished. Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, All are welcome. Authors, writers, wordsmiths, fiction, non-fiction, poets, poetry, poems, published, unpublished, original, fan sites, creative writing, book lovers, readers, established authors and poets, esotetic, philosophy, spirituality, religion, occult, gothic, adventure, hero, heroe, heroine, art, music, lyrics, jazz, blues, song, singing, choir, bible, church, drawing, stories, journals, harry pothead, dreams, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, love, romance, sex, erotica. Painting, sculpture, comics, batman, superman, x-men, rogue, jean grey, wolverine, cyclops, iceman, greek mythology, roman myths, norman myths, chinese myths, african myths, russian myths, arabic myths, aboriginal myths, jewish myths, bible myths. Sites about William Blake's poetry and art are also encouraged to join. William Blake's poetry and printmaking techniques during the Romanticist period have strongly influenced both poets and artists around the world.


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Unfinished Business
Poems, stories and videos as well as a few pages just for fun. Enjoy. It's a piece of my soul.
Rise of the Blade
"ROTB" was originally set to be published in 1998 but never made it to the printing block because the publisher TSR was bought out by Wizards of the Coast. Now it is available online, the complete unedited novel for you to read. It's not fan-fiction, its a novel that was never published.
Modern Artistic Landmarks of Greek Myth
From Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" to Salvador Dali's "The Metamorphosis of Narcissus". Art, poetry, Shakespeare, opera, films and academic works.
Roadangel's Poems
Poems I've written throughout my younger years
r u horrified
this site displays the talented horror poetry of Leo Valencia. Reading this poetry will horrify you indeed!

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The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring

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